Top 5 Best Ai Websites For Text To Speech in 2022

This in-depth article will help you select the most suitable AI voice generator for your business or personal use. Using these text-to-speech solutions enables you to save time and eliminates the need for you to appear in front of a microphone.

You will also discover answers to frequently asked questions regarding AI and text-to-speech tools and technology at the end of this guide.

In recent years, there has been significant development in text-to-speech technology. As a result, the generators that are currently accessible are more lifelike than ever before.

What Is Meant By The Term “AI Voice Generator”?

Text-to-speech (TTS) technology can be improved with the help of artificial intelligence, which an AI voice generator can then use to produce sounds analogous to human speech. The development of an artificial intelligence voice generator begins with extracting human voices from actual speech recordings.

How To Pick The Most Appropriate AI Voice Generators

When selecting an artificial intelligence speech generator, there are a few characteristics you should look for, including the following:

Realistic text-to-speech: The most significant AI voice generators will sound remarkably realistic, much like a human speaking.

A diverse selection of voices and languages: You should be able to choose and choose from a wide range of voices and languages so that you may find the one most appropriate for your specific requirements.

Prices that are not prohibitive: There are several AI voice generators available, but most require a monthly subscription fee; therefore, you should look for one that is affordable.

Now that you have an idea of what to search for let’s look at some of the most impressive AI voice generators currently on the market.

Which Artificial Intelligence Voice Generators Are The Best?

The following is a list of the top artificial intelligence voice generators:

  • Play. ht
  • Murf.AI
  • LOVO
  • Resemble AI
  • Synthesis

1. Play. Ht


Play. ht is the first entry on our list of artificial intelligence voice generators. Authentic human voices are used in this text-to-speech generator, making it an excellent choice for individuals searching for a realistic text-to-speech generator.

You have access to more than 600 distinct male and female voices, which are available in 57 different languages, so you can be confident that you will discover the one that is ideal for your requirements.

When you use, you will receive high-quality Text to Speech (TTS) audio that has been created using the most convincing synthetic voices created using artificial intelligence.

They also provide a Text to Speech API as an additional service. This means you will have access to all of the functions of the voice generator through your programming!

You’ll have many options available with 832 natural-sounding voices that come in various speech styles and seem like professional voice actors performing them.

In addition, Harvard University acknowledged the importance of!

Unique Features:

  • Offering support for a diverse selection of languages
  • It contains an extensive collection of voices.
  • API integration is readily available and acknowledged by reputable suppliers.


The following rates are billed on an annual basis and include a discount of 25%.

The individual plan is $14.25 per month.

The Best Price: $29.25 Per Month for Professionals

The bottom line is that Play. ht is an excellent choice if you want a text-to-speech AI voice generator that is both realistic and versatile in terms of the voices and languages it supports.

And because their pricing plans are so reasonably priced, it shouldn’t be challenging to locate one suitable for your financial situation. Play. ht is an excellent solution to consider if the API integrations your business wants are a priority.

2. Murf


Murf’s Text To Speech voiceover is yet another candidate for the most satisfactory artificial intelligence voice generator title. You’ll get access to lifelike artificial intelligence voices in over 20 languages when using Murf.

In my opinion, the artificial intelligence voices from Murf are the ones on this list that sound the most like real people talking.

I was particularly astonished by how well the generated speech could portray human emotions in English and Chinese, which is my native language. The voice samples I heard in both languages were in English and Chinese.

In addition, the AI’s voices were quite reminiscent of actual voice actors, right down to their regional accents!

Do you still have doubts? You can listen to them on their website for yourself!

However, suppose you want to use these AI voices for professional applications like business podcasts or video voiceovers. In that case, I believe it would be the best use case for them.

Voice production in Murf is also one of the most advanced, with options to change generated speech to highlight specific words, alter pitch, and insert pauses between phrases.

Unique Features:

  • Ultra-realistic (well-trained AI voices)
  • Voices that have a professional sound to them
  • There are many different ways to alter one’s speech.
  • Numerous tiers and price points to choose from
  • Competitive Pricing


The prices listed below are for annual billing, which offers a discount of 33%.

Free Plan – USD 0.00 per Month

The basic plan costs $13 per month.

The Pro Plan is only $26 per month and is the best deal!

The cost of the Enterprise Plan is $167 per month.

In conclusion, Murf’s Text To Speech is an excellent choice for anyone looking for authentic artificial intelligence voices that sound like those of professional voice actors!

Murf can accommodate your requirements because of its extensive language support and the various ways it may modify speech.

You won’t have any trouble finding a solution that works for you either because they provide such a diverse selection of programs for you to choose from. If you subscribe to the reasonably priced Pro plan, you will have no trouble sticking to a strict financial plan.



LOVO is yet another option for you to consider regarding AI Voiceover and Text to Speech platforms. LOVO Studio is an artificial intelligence voice generator that was designed for a wide variety of applications by LOVO.

The following is a list of the various applications that they provide:

  • Audiobooks transcription
  • Marketing Ads
  • Games
  • E-learning voiceovers
  • Cartoon voices
  • Funny voices

As can be seen, LOVO is placing a greater emphasis on developing artificial voices for a wider variety of audio content.

As a result, I feel that you will be able to locate a voice type that can meet your requirements among the more than 180 different voice skins available in 33 different languages.

You have the option, and it will only take fifteen minutes to personalize the voices so that they fit your specifications exactly.

But I thought the AI voices in their samples sounded less like human voices and more like computer voices.

Are you intrigued to learn it? Feel free to go ahead and give the samples a listen for yourself on their website.

LOVO also provides a Voiceover Application Programming Interface (API) that simplifies programmers to include the service in your projects.

However, this application programming interface is sold independently from the primary voiceover product. More about this can be found in the section below that deals with pricing!

Unique Features:

  • Greater diversity in terms of both voices and applications
  • Integrations are possible thanks to the provided API.
  • Customizable voices (tempo, liveliness, emphasis)
  • Simple voice generation experience


The costs shown below are billed on an annual basis.

LOVO Studio Pricing

Free Plan – USD 0.00 per Month

The cost of the Personal Plan is $17.99 per month

Freelancer Plan: $49.99/ month

USD 45 per month for the Voiceover API Base Subscription Plan

The Overage Plan charges $0.04 for each call on average.

In Conclusion:

If you are looking for a platform that offers a diverse selection of voices and applications, LOVO is an option that you should consider.

You’ll have no trouble creating the ideal AI voice for your purposes using its user-friendly interface for voice generation and the extensive customization options it provides.

However, their Voiceover API is sold independently from the primary product, which may be cumbersome for some customers.

Despite this, LOVO is an excellent choice for those concerned about their financial situation due to the low cost of their plans.

4. Resemble AI

Next up on our list is the artificial intelligence speech generator known as Resemble AI. Another candidate for having a voice that sounds as natural as possible is Resemble AI.

The Resemble Fill feature is the one that truly stuck out to me when I was using Resemble AI. Using the Resemble Fill function, you can synthetically insert or remove content from your speech recordings.

There is not a single voice generator that I have come across that possesses this particular capability.

You can also modify your voice using Resemble AI to produce a tailor-made voice to meet your specific requirements.

In addition to that, when you upgrade to the Pro Plan, you’ll be given access to a Voice Creation API. If you aim to obtain further integrations to your systems or apps, then this application programming interface (API) is fantastic news for your developers.

Unique Features:

  • A Unique Resemble Fill feature.
  • Included in the Pro Plan is a Voice Creation API.
  • Excellent for use in scaling (Pay-as-you-go pricing model).


The pricing shown below is in US dollars and is a pay-as-you-go option.

The basic plan costs USD 0.006 every second.

Pro Plan: Contact sales

In Conclusion:

Resemble AI is the right generator for you if you seek a platform that provides a one-of-a-kind functionality such as Resemble Fill and requires custom API integration.

5. Synthesis


Synthesis is next on this list to be discussed in detail. Artificial intelligence is used to power the synthesis process, which produces convincing text-to-speech voices.

Thanks to its extensive catalog of 254 distinct voices, available in more than 66 languages. Synthesis has a fair amount of adaptability and will likely satisfy most of your requirements.

The following is a list of potential applications for Synthesis:

  • Video adverts
  • Film trailers
  • Audiobooks \sStorytelling
  • Educational content (for online courses)
  • Radio Commercials

You may even hear samples of what they offer on their website.

However, I find that some voices have a slightly unnatural quality, which is not to my liking. Most of them are so realistic that they can’t be distinguished from actual human voices.

They don’t just offer AI voice generators but AI video generators and AI avatars for explainer videos.

Unique features:

  • Provides Support for the Most Languages and Voices
  • A diverse set of possible applications
  • Also, provide video generators and artificial intelligence avatars.
  • Best value for money (unlimited voice-over downloads)


The following costs are shown in US dollars and are charged every month.

The cost of using Human Studio Synthesys is $39 per month.

The cost of Audio Synthesys is $29 per month (Best for voice generators)

59 dollars per month for Audio and Human Studio Synthesys

In Conclusion:

the Synthesys AI voice generator is an excellent value-for-money choice if you are seeking a good artificial intelligence voice that provides unlimited voice-over downloads as part of their Audio Synthesys package.

Can AI generate voices?

AI can generate voices. The foundation of artificial intelligence (AI) is machine learning models that are taught by real-world examples of human speech. Artificial intelligence makes use of these models to generate voices depending on the voice recording that is provided to it.

Can AI Talk Like a Human?

AI can talk like a human. Voice generators for Artificial Intelligence (AI) are created by using recordings of the voices of real people who work as voiceover artists. These artificial intelligence voice generators can produce highly evocative speech of human voices. However, artificial intelligence is not yet capable of perfectly mimicking human speech at this time.


Our research has led us to conclude that the aforementioned artificial intelligence voice generators are now the most effective ones.

I hope that you found this list helpful in your search for the ideal AI voice generator to meet your requirements.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I hope you find the most powerful AI voice generator possible in your search!

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