Best Play-To-Earn Games With NFTs Or Crypto in 2022

What Exactly Are These “Play-To-Earn” Games?

Play-to-win games typically award their players with non-transferable tokens or virtual currency to play with.

To put it another way, play-to-earn games are video games in which the player has the opportunity to win rewards that have value in the real world.

These blockchain-backed games, also known as P2E games, have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They have become an essential part of virtually every metaverse, and each platform now features its unique crypt currency to compensate online gamers for the amount of time they invest in the game.

One of the primary reasons why play-to-earn games have grown so popular is that players have the opportunity to earn virtual currency that can be exchanged for tangible prizes while still having a good time. Another option is to design NFTs that have the potential to develop into valuable assets.

When it comes to regular games, the only motivation to play is for pure fun. The relationship is unidirectional: you are the one who pays for the game, and unless you are a professional esports player or a streamer who has a significant audience, you will never be able to monetize your playing. On the other hand, players that participate in blockchain gaming can win real money.

Players can transfer value and be paid to play regardless of who they are or where they are in the world because blockchain technology enables users to conduct transactions regardless of where they are.

10 Of The Best Crypto Non-Fungible Token Games Of 2022

In the year 2022, there are many different play-to-earn games available to choose from. Take a look at this in-depth analysis of ten of the ones considered to be the best.

  • Axie Infinity

This play-to-earn game is centered on “Axis,” which are Ethereum-minted non-fungible tokens that players may gather, breed, raise, fight against, and sell with other online users.

The game also features battles and trades. There is a large variety of Axis from which to select, and the number of permutations available for personalization is virtually limitless. When a player defeats other players inside the game and comes out on top, they are rewarded with Smooth Love Potion tokens. These tokens may then be exchanged for Axie Infinity Shard tokens, the primary form of currency within the game.

Axie Infinity has approximately 1.48 million users who are active every day. As evidence of how lucrative this game has become, consider that Axie Infinity has been contributing to the growth of a digital economy in Southeast Asia based on crypto assets, specifically in the Philippines and Vietnam.

Roughly 82.1 million AXS — 30% of the total supply — are in circulation as of June 27, 2022, while a single AXS is valued at about $15.72.

  • Decentraland

The Decentraland platform is a virtual reality that allows users to build their 3D worlds by purchasing land and developing it within the context of the platform. When a player purchases land, they gain the ability to do anything they want with it, like creating an entirely new game or launching an online store that is operational and accepting customers. A player also has the option to pay other users to guard their land while they are not logged in to the game.

A player has to have an Ethereum wallet to begin using Decentraland because that is the only way they will be able to purchase and store the platform’s MANA money. After that, they can start contributing to the platform.

As of the 27th of June, 2022, there are around 1.85 billion MANA coins in circulation, and the value of a single MANA coin is slightly higher than $0.93.

  • Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a play-to-earn future sci-fi adventure game with a straightforward premise: play, mine, and upgrade to create a realistic gaming experience. It centers on non-player-controlled alien species that a player can catch and then employ to mine or discover various items in the game. The more a player invests in enhancements, the better their chances of coming out on top.

Alien Worlds is the name given to the game’s proprietary digital money, which can be purchased and sold using the ticker symbol TLM. A player can utilize the TLM token to win battles and tasks and trade non-game items (NFTs) with other players. Players must have access to mining gear, land, and TLM deposits to get started.

As of the 27th of June, 2022, the value of a single TLM coin was $0.02748. However, only 26% of the entire quantity of TLM coins, or around 2.61 billion, were in circulation then.

  • The Sandbox

The blocky metaverse of this blockchain-based game allows players to construct, craft, and compete for survival. Users of The Sandbox can go on quests to acquire extra tokens or use the in-game cash known as SAND to build a home or a castle for themselves. The Sandbox is a game that enables players to participate actively on the platform by buying and selling NFTs. This game combines elements of creativity, strategy, and survival abilities. The more stuff gamers construct, the higher the level they can progress to.

As of the 27th of June, 2022, there is approximately 1.26 billion SAND in circulation, equivalent to 42 percent of the entire supply, and the value of a single SAND token is close to $1.18.

  • Zed Run

Zed Run is a play-to-earn game based on horse racing that allows users to create their unique horses in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that they can then purchase, sell, and trade with other players on the platform. Users can also breed new horses or upgrade their existing ones to make them more powerful.

In this game of “play to earn,” players compete with their horses to win prizes. Every horse has its advantages and disadvantages, and players can improve their equine companions to make it simpler to win races. They can also win money by betting on the performance of other players.

As of the 27th of June, 2022, the Zed Run platform does not yet have its cryptocurrency. Instead, it is supported by the blockchain of Ethereum, which means that ether is used for the payment of all game-related winnings and sales. On the other hand, the distribution of Zed Run’s native token is just around the corner. The distribution will occur in stages, with the first step affecting users already possessing Zed Run NFTs. They will get Zed Run tokens via AirDrop, with priority given to those who have held the tokens for an extended period.

  • Blankos Block Party

The in-game currency is called moola, and players can earn it by completing tasks and competing in minigames on the Blankos Block Party platform, a multiplayer network for hosting block parties. Credit cards can also be used to purchase Blanko Bucks by users.

In this game, partner artists create one-of-a-kind assets known as Blankos. Blankos are non-playable characters (NFTs) that have unique capabilities within the game. Players can buy, sell, and trade their Blankos for various benefits. Users of Blankos Block Party, which is widely regarded as one of the most entertaining “earn games,” have the opportunity to have fun while earning NFTs and sell their coins for other cryptocurrencies via third-party exchanges.

There is a total supply of 740,000 MLA coins, but there is no information regarding the number of coins in circulation as of June 27, 2022. At that time, the face value of an MLA coin was 0.005894 dollars.

  • Gods Unchained

Users are able to acquire NFT cards in order to compete against one another in this play-to-earn game that is built on blockchain technology. The players take on the role of powerful entities known as “Gods,” each of whom has a skill set that is distinct from the others. These cards can be purchased with the in-game cash known as GODS, which can be acquired through prevailing in combat against other users of the game.

As of the 27th of June, 2022, there are around 23.7 million GODS coins in circulation, which constitutes approximately 5% of the entire supply. The value of a single GODS coin is approximately $0.5412 USD.

  • My Defi Pet

Users of the play-to-earn game My DeFi Pet are tasked with taking care of digital animals in the role of pets. They can buy, sell, and trade these creatures on the marketplace based on blockchain technology. They can also make one-of-a-kind NFTs of their pets by personalizing aspects of their appearance, such as color, fur pattern, eyes, monogram style, head shape, and wings. KardiaChain and Binance Smart Chain are the underlying blockchain technologies that power this game.

The DPET currency utilized in-game can be exchanged for NFTs or used to make in-game purchases on the game’s official website. Additionally, the DPET coin can be used in the marketplace to purchase accessories, food, and other supplies for virtual pets, such as apparel.

As of the 27th of June, 2022, the value of a single DPET was equal to $0.1522, and there were around 16 million DPET coins in circulation. The largest amount available is one hundred million.

  • Star Atlas

Users of Star Atlas, a play-to-earn game based on astronomy, have the opportunity to explore space and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of planets, stars, and other goods. Each planet and star in the game is distinct from the others since they each have their characteristics. Players have additional opportunities to explore uncharted territories by zipping around this digital galaxy at breakneck speeds.

The ATLAS is a utility token used in the game, and the POLIS is a governance token utilized in the game. This blockchain-backed game relies on both of these tokens to function. By staking their ATLAS tokens, players have the opportunity to gain POLIS.

As of the 27th of June, 2022, around 2.2 billion ATLAS coins are in circulation, corresponding to approximately 6% of the total supply. The value of each token is currently $0.006687. During the same period, there were around 21.6 million POLIS coins in circulation, equivalent to approximately 6% of the total issue. The value of a single POLIS coin was $0.3845 at the time.

  • Cryptoblades

The RPG-inspired non-fungible token game CryptoBlades was introduced on the Binance Smart Chain in April 2021. First, players must acquire SKILL tokens, the in-game currency used throughout the experience. They make use of their SKILL to buy characters, as well as to buy and build weapons. Players can withdraw, sell on the secondary market, or use their SKILL to purchase additional in-game assets when they are victorious in combat against their enemies and earn more SKILL.

As of the 27th of June, 2022, a SKILL token is worth USD 1.93. 88% of the total number of tokens that can ever be issued, which is a maximum of 1 million, are currently in circulation.

Next Play-To-Earn Games

What are the best NFT projects? Virtual worlds and play-to-earn games are gaining popularity. If you want to make extra money, watch for upcoming releases.

Participating in a new play to acquire titles as soon as feasible will help you benefit from cryptocurrency growth.

Unless the game uses a well-established coin, you can learn the new game’s play-to-earn criteria, which may entail building your character, team, or city.

Top Upcoming Play-To-Win Games:

  • Silks: It’s a decentralised horse racing game. All NFTs are based on real thoroughbreds. This lets you trade NFTs based on live horseraces.
  • Binemon is still popular. Train and sell virtual pets to make money. You can use awards from duels, tournaments, and conflicts to create new monsters or gain money. During fights, you can gain NFT eggs or lands.
  • Angelic is a block chain-powered narrative RPG and one of the most anticipated P2E games. Angelic is a multiplayer Sci-Fi game with a block chain-based environment. This block chain-based game will launch on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation in 2023.

Watch for play-to-win versions of upcoming games. When playing online games to win money, remember that crypto currencies and NFTs are risky.

Before making any purchases, do comprehensive research and consider how unpredictable this market can be.


It’s safe to say that crypto games where players can earn rewards are the next big thing in the gaming industry. And if you could make a tidy sum while having fun, that would be even better.

However, due to the volatility of crypto currencies, you should be cautious of games that require you to make an initial investment.

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