Best Data Entry Jobs In The USA

You’re interested in working online performing data entry jobs, but you’re doubtful about how to get started. Do not worry about it; you are not the only one going through this, and we have got you covered. The following is a total list of the top online data entry jobs that can help one make a respectable living working from home.

 Data entry tasks can be performed in the office, but an adding number of businesses offer data entry services that can be performed online and from home. Some also give openings for entry-position recap and work in call centers.

 numerous data entry occupations are suited for entry-position individualities.

The pay for entry-position data employment is generally veritably low; if a post offers to pay significantly further than the going rate for that position, it’s a substantial possibility that it’s a fraud.

 The ensuing list of companies provides licit openings for data entry work that may be done from home. rather than being signed as salaried workers, data entry workers are generally contracted on an independent contractor base for the utmost of these tasks.

 1. AccuTran Global

 rather than hiring people to do data entry labor, AccuTran Global primarily seeks to fill transcriptionist positions. still, if you score well on the association’s operation evaluations, you might still be hired by the company indeed though you just have limited moxie in the recap. AccuTran Global pays by the word and will sometimes give lagniappes for particularly grueling work. The United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Canada are all places where people are employed.

2. Axion Data Entry Service

 Because Axion Data Entry Services works with independent contractors for long-term places, the company doesn’t frequently witness a high hand development rate. You’ll be needed to register with the company and force information about the data entry work you have done in the history to be estimated for a position with the association. A minimum of two to three times of experience in data entry and a codifying speed of fifty words per nanosecond are needed for employment with Axion. Payment to independent contractors generally occurs on a per-piece base.

 3. Amazon Mechanical Turk

 The crowdsourcing division of Amazon doesn’t have traditional data entry jobs. rather, the Mechanical Turk business allows workers to elect small tasks to complete for pay, including data entry. This work is frequently low-paying, but it can generally be completed without any former experience.

The Amazon section dealing with crowdsourcing doesn’t have any typical data entry jobs available. rather, workers can elect bitsy tasks to negotiate for remuneration using a platform called Mechanical Turk’s business. One of these tasks is data entry. The remuneration for this employment is generally poor, but it generally doesn’t bear any previous moxie on the part of the worker.

 Capital Typing

 Capital Typing, which has its headquarters in South Carolina, is an outsourcing company that offers virtual office services. The company provides services like transcribing, online client support, request exploration, restatement, and secretarial work, in addition to its data entry jobs that may be done from home. Independent contractors are generally employed for home-grounded work.


The crowdsourcing platform known as Clickworker connects workers who have registered with the platform with data input, jotting, exploration, and restatement systems. These occupations are generally considered micro-jobs, and the pay is generally lower than one bone

 for each task fulfilled. You’re needed to finish a chops test before you can register for a Clickworker account. Jobs can be performed at any time and from any position.

Quicktate or iDictate

 Quicktate and iDictate are mate recap companies that give recap services for voicemails and other audio information by employing transcribers to work from home. Quicktate will take audio lines that are lower than five twinkles in length, whereas iDictate will take recordings that are longer than five twinkles. The payment rate for contractors is per word. A successful Quicktate transcriptionist has a better chance of entering work from iDictate, which transcribes a wider variety of documents than Quicktate does.


Scribie is looking for freelance typists to transcribe audio and video lines so they can work from home. The maturity of the recordings is under six twinkles in length. On the Scribie website, work can be attained on a first-come, first-served basis, and independent contractors are paid between$ 5 and$ 25 per hour of audio transcription. However, you need to maintain a grade advanced than 2, If you want to keep working as a transcriber.75 on the scale used to grade all of the work.


 The processing of namer enrollments and solicitation autographs is outsourced to crowdsourced data entry workers by SigTrack. After your enrollment has been reviewed and authorized, training will be handed out. Payment is made through PayPal on a per-piece base formerly necessary adaptations are made to insure delicacy. Independent contractors aren’t needed to have former experience, but they’re needed to confirm that they can fairly remain in the United States.

Working Results

 Working results hire independent contractors for data entry systems that can be done from home. There’s a need for contract workers not only in the United States but also in other countries. Workers are compensated on a per- design base, and Working results receive checks from them every two weeks. Jobs in editing and phone centers are also available at this company.

All the Information You Need to Get Started with Online Data Entry

 In data input, the description of” work-from-home” is subject to constant elaboration. Work in the data entry field done online has grown vastly more common in recent times thanks to the proliferation of associations that retain independent contractors all over the world. These data entry drivers constantly gain access to a company’s structure through a remote connection and carry out their duties in a manner analogous to that of their office-grounded counterparts.

On the other hand, the proliferation of technologies that utilize crowdsourcing enables businesses to break the process of data entry into several smaller tasks that can be distributed across a wider workforce. When employees connect to a system, instead of being given an entire project to work on, they are given the option to perform a one-minute entry or verification assignment for which they are often paid very little.

What Exactly Is Meant by “Online Data Entry”?

In its most basic form, data entry consisted of operating equipment that fed information into a corporation’s computer system. It is possible for there to be variations in the apparatus that is used (which is typically a keyboard), the sorts of data that are used (alphabetic, numerical, or symbolic), and the origin of the data (which is typically an image or audio file). Although they are comparable, home-based transcription jobs typically require higher skill and speed.

Some people who enter data might work for micro labor organizations that employ crowdsourcing strategies. In contrast, others might work for more typical data entry companies, which are frequently business process outsourcing (BPO) corporations.

How Data Entry Pays

The majority of home-based data entry jobs are for independent contractors rather than employees (which means there is no guarantee of minimum wage), and data entry workers are compensated using a variety of rate schemes, including the following:

  • Hourly wage (rare)
  • Per-piece (common in crowdsourcing operations)
  • Keystrokes per hour or keystrokes per minute
  • Per-word

Even though jobs in data entry are less likely to test your typing speed than positions in transcription, if you are not a fast typist, you will not make very much money. 

Data Entry Scams

Scams posing as legitimate work-from-home opportunities are especially prevalent in the industry of data entry done from home. Legitimate businesses don’t expect their employees to pay anything to work for them. It is not acceptable for you to be required to cash a check or wire money. Always use extreme caution when dealing with any company that advertises data entry work as a “business opportunity.” Learn more about data entry scams to be prepared to differentiate between legitimate businesses and fraudulent ones.

Even if a business does not engage in fraudulent activity, there is no guarantee that it will provide profitable prospects. The field of data entry is generally one that pays little, and the income offered by some businesses may be so low that it is not worth your time to work for them. You need extreme caution since you risk making only a few pennies in exchange for significant effort.

Best Data Entry Job Websites

You can work from home doing a variety of different types of data entry tasks that are available online. If you can enter data accurately and quickly, this could be a suitable method to earn extra cash.

Nevertheless, it is essential to pick a dependable website that will compensate you for your work. The websites listed below are some of the most reputable sources for online data entry jobs that you could look into.

1. Rev

One of the most common data entering websites is called Rev.

The types of tasks that are available through this website include transcription and captioning work.

It would be best if you got started by doing the qualifying work, which requires you to transcribe various audio.

Rev determines its members’ compensation depending on their production of audio Minutes. Your earnings per minute of audio could range anywhere from $0.35 to USD 0.75.

You will be moved up to the next level if you have finished transcribing for a total of sixty minutes.

You are free to work on this site whenever the mood strikes you. There is no set schedule that you are required to adhere to.

If you are fluent in multiple languages, you can earn additional income by translating subtitles. The payments are processed through PayPal weekly.

2. Transcribe

Transcribe is another well-known website that falls into the data input companies that provide employment opportunities in transcription.

This is yet another website that does not require applicants to have any prior expertise in Data Entry. Only the Chrome web browser and a valid Paypal account are needed.

4. Go transcript

Data entry jobs are available with Go transcriptGo transcript, a firm established in the UK that recruits transcriptionists from around the world.

You are required to take the exam as is customary.

Once you have been accepted, you can generate money from the Go transcript.

They offer up to sixty cents for each minute of audio.


Fiverr is the most effective platform for locating data entry jobs of any kind.

You may offer virtually any kind of data entry activity on Fiverr for $5 or more if you choose to do so.

You need to develop a job profile that lists all the various data entry jobs you are qualified to undertake. And once a potential client decides that your services are desirable, they will contact you to discuss employment opportunities.

This website may require a fair amount of effort, but rest assured that it is time well spent.


As was discussed before, it is significant to be in the appropriate location when working data entry jobs.

I hope that you find this post informative.

You might try your luck at many other reputable internet businesses that offer opportunities to make money in addition to data entry.

Make use of the websites that were provided earlier. If there is another website where you are now working and earning money, please share the URL with the rest of us in the comments section.

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