How To Increase Followers On Instagram in 2022

Are you looking for ways to increase the number of people who follow you on Instagram? You can consider yourself fortunate to have found your way here.

To Increase Followers On Instagram in 2022
To Increase Followers On Instagram in 2022

People have been forced to comply with house arrest laws due to the COVID-19 pandemic; however, you should use this as an opportunity to hide, develop, and nurture a virtual family using these 30 tried-and-tested tactics!

Have you heard that Instagram is currently the second most popular social media network in the United States?

In addition, Instagram now has more than 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, with 120 million users residing in the United States alone!

It’s true what you’ve read.

What began as a straightforward app for sharing photos has evolved into one of the most popular platforms for companies and social influencers to engage with a wide variety of people and generate money from the activity simultaneously.

With so many businesses and people using Instagram now, it might be challenging to separate yourself from the crowd and get new followers.

Here are some tried-and-true strategies that, if done correctly, will help you build your Instagram followers and reach and assist you in accomplishing the goals you have set for yourself on the network.

1. Limit Yourself To One Niche

Keep in mind that specialization creates a sense of exclusivity!

It assists in the formation of strong ties and helps boost the size of your Instagram family.

Instagram is a fun and engaging platform; you’ll unlock additional features and capabilities as you progress through it.

But here’s the catch: when your adrenaline levels skyrocket from posting fresh content and collecting more followers, likes, and comments, you may discover that you become sidetracked from your goals due to all of this activity.

You may avoid this ambiguity by outlining the objective of your account and then adhering to it religiously.

Suppose you are an Instagram coach whose target audience is social media marketers. In that case, you should remain focused on this specific niche and establish yourself as an authority on the topic.

Don’t forget that having a crystallized goal will result in a more effective action plan!

2. Make a Schedule For Your Content: Increase Followers On Instagram

The uploading of irrelevant stuff will not serve any useful purpose. Here’s the deal.

The number of followers you have makes a difference when it comes to Instagram. However, the most crucial thing is that you continuously develop specific and valuable content.

You will also require a social media content calendar to plan and organize the posts you make on these platforms.

The following are some things that should be kept in mind:

  • Keep your target audience in view.
  • Examine the aspects of the content that will be meaningful to them and will make their time well spent.
  • As a result, you should batch your content once a week.

Believe us when we say that following these steps will result in a natural increase in the number of followers you have on Instagram.

3. Compose An Instagram Bio That Is Optimized

Your profile bio functions as your online resume.

When converting potential Instagram followers, a bio is a deal-maker.

The task at hand is to compose a concise, captivating copy that answers the question

  • “Who are you?” in a straightforward manner.
  • What do you do? (+ link to your website, if appropriate)
  • What do you provide for the people that follow you on Instagram?

Offer your site visitors a glimpse into who you are and what you have to offer before they visit.

4. Make Sure Your Profile Picture Is Appealing.

You are free to use your imagination with this.

Think about how you can represent your brand on Instagram most effectively, and keep those thoughts in mind. Let it be something that will live on in infamy and legend.

Because selecting a profile image for your Instagram account that is optimized and matches your account name and bio is the best method to attract more followers, you should keep this in mind if you are curious about how to gain followers on Instagram.

To get you started, consider the following points:

Are you an organization attempting to establish a relationship with the people who follow you?

Put up a picture of your company’s logo that is clear of pixelation and superimposed on your brand’s colors.

Are you an influencer working to make a name for yourself on the platform?

Please provide a high-quality headshot of your face.

5. Make The Most Of Your Reels!

In the year 2022, reels will be the dominant format.

They are the tried-and-true method for rapidly expanding one’s Instagram presence by garnering millions of views, likes, and followers.

This most recent addition to Instagram has, without a doubt, caused quite a commotion on the network, with users and businesses regularly submitting entertaining, appealing, and instructive content.

Why, therefore, should we care about this?

When other Instagram users share your reels in their own stories and direct messages, you will gain many free followers on Instagram.

Draw ideas from the beauty store Sephora. The cosmetics brand publishes high-quality reels regularly. These reels range from quick tips on how to treat an oily scalp at home (which have received 1 million views and 32.1 thousand likes) to current content pieces that are trending.

You can almost design anything you want within the time constraint of 15/90 seconds, and you may swiftly expand your following on Instagram by doing so.

If we look at Sephora as an example, we can’t deny the fact that the company’s consistency plays a significant role in its level of success on the internet. If you cannot maintain a consistent posting schedule, you will not be able to keep your audience for very long.

6. Make Carousels For Your Instagram Follower

Do you want to discover a growth hack that only a select few social media professionals are aware of? To put it another way, it’s the average time a user spends looking at your material.

Carousels are explicitly utilized for this purpose.

These 10-page sliders encourage users to remain on your post for an extended period, which signals to Instagram’s algorithm that your account should be frequently included in the Explore section of potential followers’ feeds.

“Growing your Instagram Account Means Pleasing the Algorithm.”

7. Come Up With Creative Captions

Instagram is a valuable instrument for creative work!

It gives you complete independence in developing the identity of your brand.

Try both short and long captions to see which you prefer for the best results.

Create writing that piques a user’s interest and encourages them to check out more of your profile. They will eventually follow through and click the blue ‘follow’ button.

8. Make Use Of Social Media Hashtags

The appropriate hashtag sets are equivalent to “follower boosters” on Instagram.

You may draw the appropriate audience to look at your profile and follow you by including targeted hashtags in your posts and attracting them to check out your profile.

You might be wondering how to increase the number of people who follow you on Instagram by using hashtags.

How to do it:

Create two separate batches, then spend a whole week experimenting with each one. Then, look through the ‘Insights’ area to see which ones are performing well, and use those as the basis for your collection of template hashtags.

In most cases, a practical approach for using hashtags will comprise the following two categories:

  • Pos t: specific hashtags
  • Niche: specific hashtags

A Bonus Piece Of Advice: Did you know that each of your posts can contain up to 30 hashtags? There is no requirement that you utilize every one of them. Utilize as much pertinent information as possible for your piece, and growth will follow.

9. Make a Personalized Hashtag For Your Posts

An exclusiveness that is defined by a customized hashtag.

It makes it easier for users to immediately locate your account. Therefore, maintain an offbeat and approachable tone. Make sure that you are constantly noticeable!

But hold on! In addition to this:

It is possible to cross-promote your branded hashtags in your stores (whether they are actual or virtual) and in other marketing efforts, which will leave a lasting impression on both your current followers and future followers.

10. Plan Your Posts.

Are you aware there are optimal times to publish on Instagram to maximize your audience growth?

That’s why it’s important to research when your Instagram followers are most likely to be online and engaged.

Remember that this timing might be as particular as 7:00 PM on Saturdays or 4:30 PM on Tuesdays; these times are only examples.

But you shouldn’t allow that to stop you from expanding your presence on Instagram!

You may rely on social media scheduling and publishing solutions like SocialPilot to automatically upload posts at the optimal time for your account, which will actively contribute to the growth of your brand!

11. Establish Partnerships With Prominent Figure

People’s admiration and trust in the brands that their favorite influencers employ is something that we just cannot refute.

The following is what one survey found:

68% of firms prefer influencer marketing on Instagram, and 90% of respondents believe that influencers are influential brand advocates.

A partnership with an influential person is, thus, unquestionably worthwhile.

A few strategies to rapidly increase the number of followers on your brand’s Instagram account include paid influencer relationships, story shout-outs, and influencers taking over the account for a day.

12. Organize Gift-Giving Events

Free merchandise is one of the most effective ways for successful firms to attract new people to their Instagram feed and get new followers.

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving unexpected (and expensive) presents?

The excitement of receiving presents from a well-known person or company is terrific. That is an opportunity that no one would pass up!

You can run contests with criteria such as “give us a follow” and “tag three friends to enhance winning possibilities.”

In addition, a wide variety of firms, including start-ups and influencers, run these promotions in conjunction with holidays or after reaching a predetermined number of followers (500K, 1M, etc.).

13. Go Live!

Do not be bashful about displaying your face; this is an essential piece of advice!

People are always interested in hearing about the behind-the-scenes anecdotes and experiences of the people responsible for establishing their favorite brands.

The IGTV feature on Instagram enables content creators to have a two-way conversation in real time with their audience.

Here are some additional concepts to consider:

Spread the word about the event through all of the social media sites.

You can go it alone or invite some critical guests.

Highlighting two or three talking topics is a simple and effective way to attract interest.

This action will naturally increase the number of followers that you have on Instagram!

14. Create Useful Guides

Guides are a relatively new feature on Instagram, which allows accounts to compile a variety of comparable published items under a single virtual roof for the convenience of Instagram users.

This educational endeavor increases the brand’s credibility and attracts many free Instagram followers.

One shining illustration is as follows:

To assist people who the COVID-19 virus has impacted, several organizations that are not-for-profit and influencers are posting Instagram guides that provide links to resources and phone numbers for support services.

15. Drop Valuable Comments

It’s not too difficult to understand.

You may build traction and enhance your organic growth on the site by dropping your likes and comments on posts specific to your sector regularly.

16. Use a Simple Username

You require an Instagram username that exemplifies your brand.

But if they have to punch in a bunch of characters and numbers to get to your page, how are people supposed to find you?

Because of this, it’s generally advisable to maintain things on a fundamental level. If you want to be found more readily, only use lowercase letters and stay away from numerals and symbols.

17. Connect Your Website To Your Instagram Account.

Why should you include your most successful Instagram posts in the source code of your website?

The explanation is straightforward: it will draw your users’ attention to visually exciting posts and then direct them to your Instagram profile.

Can you guess what that implies? You are provided with free Instagram followers.

18. Give Your Instagram Handle Exclusive Information

Are you introducing a brand-new product, revealing a long-awaited piece of information, or something else entirely?

The announcement should first be posted on Instagram.

People are more likely to follow you on a platform if they see that you have access to unique first-hand information and can share it with others.

Instagram Is Your Field Of Play

Working with your account is entirely up to you; just remember to keep your objectives in mind and take pleasure in the process as you go.

You will be able to successfully increase your audience on Instagram if you implement all of the power-packed methods that are outlined in this blog.

Tools such as SocialPilot, which allow you to schedule posts, reply with social inbox, and evaluate your Instagram account performance, are yet another method for increasing user interaction.

Most importantly, remember to have patience. Your prospective followers are out there, just waiting for you to contact them with the appropriate techniques to entice them to click the blue follow button on your profile.

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