How To Set Your Best Freelance Writing Rate in 2023

Best Freelance Writing Rate: Gaining flexibility and control over their employment is one of the key reasons writers opt to go freelance. As a freelancer, you have control over your rates, working schedule, and tasks.

Best Freelance Writing Rate in 2023

Nevertheless, if you’re just getting started, you might not know how to set your prices. Also, you might question whether your pay is still competitive if you’ve been working at the same rates for a while.

You can determine how much you should earn as a freelance writer with the aid of pay transparency. You may get a general idea of how much authors often make in different industries, businesses, and regions by looking at salary ranges on websites like Glassdoor, which encourage employees to publish their pay for various firms.

What types of freelance writing rates can you use?

What should you consider when setting your freelance writing rates?

What types of freelancing writing rates can you use?

When you first start out as a freelancer, you could set lower rates in order to develop a solid reputation, and a strong portfolio, and get recommendations. As you finish more assignments and gain expertise, you can increase your rates. The quantity of research required and the word count will both affect how much you charge for a project.

And if you’ve been working as a freelancer for a time, you might want to take a look at the rates you charge to make sure they’re in line with industry norms and appropriate for your qualifications.

By endeavor (flat-rate)

Many clients choose to hire independent writers on a project-by-project basis and pay a fixed fee for their services. When a client has a limited budget or needs one-off work, paying for the project is frequently simpler. There shouldn’t be any shocks because they are paying precisely what they are supposed to. You can look for hourly or fixed-price writing jobs on Upwork.

Charge a set charge for some assignments as a freelancer, especially as you gain experience and become more productive. While asking a fixed cost of $300 for a piece that takes you two hours is reasonable and may still earn you the same amount as an article, a customer may be offended if you do so.

Advantages of by-project freelance writing rates

  • Freedom to work on your own schedule
  • No time tracking
  • The hourly rate can increase with efficiency
  • Encourages productivity

Disadvantages of project freelance writing rates

  • If there’s heavy editing or changes, you can end up making less per hour
  • Can be harder to determine a fair price
  • Clients may try to negotiate lower prices

How much do independent content writers bill for each job?

How much a writer charges for a project might vary based on a variety of factors. A specialized freelancer with years of expertise and favorable evaluations often commands a higher rate than a more recent writer who covers a wider range of topics. The subject matter and whether or not you’ll need to conduct research could also affect what you charge.

The average cost per assignment for writing services

paper in white. The length and level of research required will determine the usual freelance writing rate for a whitepaper. For a brief whitepaper, writers normally charge roughly $500, and for a longer one that calls for interviews or other background research, $5,000 or more.

research paper For the first few pieces, a writer who is new to freelancing and doesn’t have many reviews may set a lower price. A 1000-word research piece costs, on average, $75, but a skilled writer can charge closer to $250 or even more.

A blog post. Because less technical articles take less time to write, you might wish to charge less for them. On average, a 1000-word blog post costs between $50 and $175.

Social media captions. As a social media content writer, charging a set price for posts, and letting clients pay per project, is common. The rate depends on how long the captions are and how much time you estimate it will take. The average price for social media captions ranges from $1 to $10 per post.

Email. Determining your freelance copywriting rate for an email depends on the length of the email and the type of copy. If you need to create a long newsletter with statistics, it will require more time than a graphic-heavy product email. A short email can cost anywhere from $25 to $50, while freelance writers often charge $150 to $500 and more for longer emails.

Establishing the price for a flat-rate job

Depending on the specifications and extent of the project, your prices will vary, but you can estimate your time requirements to figure out how much to charge. You can use this information to quote projects if you are aware of how many words or pages you can generally produce in an hour, depending on what you determine to be a reasonable hourly charge given your qualifications, expertise, and the value you provide to your clients.

You might think about including the extra time it might take you to make revisions, conduct further research, and get in touch with your customer, depending on your procedure.

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