Top 10 Low Competition High Demand Gigs On Fiverr in 2022

Looking for high-demand Fiverr gigs with low competition that you can start right away and make money with? Wondering what low-competition gigs with high demand you should start selling on Fiverr?

Then you should keep watching because we have all the answers you need.

This video will give you an insight into what services you should look to perfect and offer to prospective customers. In this video, we will point out the high demand and low competition for Fiverr gigs.

1. Certificate Designing

 This is the basic service you should consider. With more online courses, institutions will need a certificate designer. It’s a popular Fiverr gig.

The site offers diplomas and awards, bond certificates, stock design, membership certificates, and participation certificates.

The site’s designers charge $5-$20 per piece. Designing them doesn’t require a degree. There are 1536 certificate designers.

You must deliver good work.

Canva can design certificates. Canva is a free platform for designing almost anything in minutes. Canva is cloud-based design software. When you get projects, you can edit and send clients templates. Canva has many certificate templates. Pick and redesign.

2. Spotify Banner

Spotify is a top music streaming service online. Music lovers know how this platform works. Spotify banners are the least competitive graphic design Fiver gig.

There are 70 Spotify-related services on Fiverr. This is low considering annual earnings of $85000. That’s $7,080 per month. With so few services offering Spotify banner designs, you should jump in.

3. Skyscraper Technique

 Backlinko’s Brian Dean created the skyscraper technique. This method creates blog posts with many backlinks, which boosts Google rankings. High rankings help Google display your website first. This gig has little competition. There are only 49 services listed for the “Skyscraper technique,” so you can stand out. Freelancers charge $5 to start and up to $200 per project.

4. Domain Research

With a domain, you can start a website from scratch, use a new domain, or use a domain with backlinks. A new domain is harder to get traffic than an old one. Small business owners and content creators look for expired domains with high domain authority and quality backlinks. Help them here. They’ll hire you because they want a clean domain name. Fiverr lists 303 services. If you choose this line of work, you’ll be happy to know that domain consultants earn an average of $81,307 per year.

5. Case Study

It’s a detailed study of a specific person, group, place, event, organization, or phenomenon. In business, a case study can involve planning and checking work results. You’ll listen to clients and present their needs. You may be asked to report on the company’s annual accomplishments. Fiverr lists 2,543 case studies. Like most Fiverr services, these cost $5. Depending on your experience, this could reach $300.

6. Website Banner

A website banner is a homepage where visitors can view the site. If your client has an E-commerce site, he’ll ask you to design a selling banner. If the client’s website is about books, so will the banner. You’ll design a banner using client information. Like most design services, it requires skill.

Unique and attractive banners require creativity. This project uses Photoshop. Canva can replace Photoshop. Fiverr has 2,166 gigs. You can charge $5-$150 per gig. Your skill determines this.

7. Yoast Seo

 If you write well, you should know SEO. Everyone wants to rank his blog to get organic views. Yoast SEO is different from a normal SEO service. This service includes on-page SEO auditing. Install Yoast SEO from the WordPress store and follow its instructions. Focus on a keyword and check its density. Yoast SEO analyses articles and suggests changes. You must find Word Press clients. 2106 services are listed for this gig.

8. Whatsapp Stickers

Since its launch, WhatsApp users have increased significantly. This platform’s many users make it a great way to make money. WhatsApp is a popular app. As long as it exists, related services will be lucrative. Anyone can create WhatsApp stickers. Creating a good one is difficult. A designer is needed. Currently, 49 services offer this. This Fiverr gig has low competition, so try it.

9. Social Media Manager

You could do this if you use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter daily. This is a simple Fiverr gig that won’t bore you. Social media management involves growing a client’s Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account. Start with $20-$30 per month for management. Prices depend on daily tasks. Clients who need regular social media engagement may pay more.

10. Legal Writing

In this kind of writing, you have to pay close attention to the legal parts. This service is good for law students and other people who are interested in legal information. If you want to work in the legal field, you need to know a lot about how things work. Sometimes, you may have to summarize case notes or highlight certain parts of a case. If you are a lawyer or are in law school, this could be the perfect way to make some extra money on the side.


After looking at these services, you should realize that you can only make money if you’re good. Good work determines the best freelancers. Try to become good at any service you take on.

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