Top 5-Star Review: the Write-Ups (Tips for New Buyers)

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Provide useful, constructive feedback
1. Talk about a range of elements, including customer service
 2. Be detailed, specific, and honest
3. Leave out links and personal information
4. Proofread your review

“Feed an Author, Leave a 5-star Review,” reads a message.

simple, clear, and utterly accurate. In order to rise to the top of the search results in the “Jungle,” all newly self-published authors need positive evaluations to support them in the ranking system. It is one of the most difficult things to obtain.

I joined Fiverr over a year ago, and in August 2016, I really started to buy frequently. I’ve made mistakes (and will continue to make them) and have picked up a lot of knowledge regarding this specific platform.

The new (and seasoned) sellers on Fiverr covet earning a great 5-star review for their gig just as much as I do for evaluations of my book(s). “Overdeliver!” is the most important tip for new sellers, but there are a lot of other ways to get that first client.

(With no scientific evidence to back it up.) According to some sellers I’ve read, only 60 to 70 percent (at most) of customers submit evaluations.

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5-Star Review

That crucial initial 5-star review is so crucial for new merchants. Most likely, they worked long hours for a meager $5 or $10 task, hoping to receive a positive evaluation rather than the money. If you leave none, that’s quite tragic. (I am aware of this since I have promoted by giving away hundreds of eBooks.) As a new or somewhat new customer, my advice to you is to please take the time to write a fantastic review if you had a really wonderful experience.

After you accept delivery, you can give a score from 1 to 5 for communication, service, and recommendation. Giving something five stars only takes two quick seconds; otherwise, the computer will automatically construct the comment “outstanding experience” if you don’t leave one.

An outstanding experience is preferable to nothing, but as a buyer, it is meaningless when I read a seller’s profile because there are so many of them. Give the person a nice write-up in appreciation for their time spent providing you with something for which you would have paid 10, 20, or 30 times more elsewhere. It requires a minute.

I think your subconscious mind works in a similar way because these words keep popping into my head:

  • Very Recommendable
  • Will Repurchase, Regular Customer
  • eager to collaborate with them once more

You might be more inventive by using catchy phrases like, “I wish I could give 10 stars if I could” or “I appreciate your time.” Deserves ten stars

  • Put quotation marks around this: “WOW!”
  • Asterisks should be used around it: * * I frequently buy things.
  • Here are a few instances (it takes about two minutes to talk about what they did or delivered): a gifted and creative graphic designer with a keen eye for the details that make my eBook cover stand out. I gave him the title and a few stock images. He returned to me with a genuine piece of art. * He deserves ten stars, and I hope to work with him again in the future.
5-Star Review
5-Star Review

A skilled person with an eye for detail is another undiscovered gem on Fiverr. She discovered errors that others had missed. She enhanced each scene with additional action. This book’s editor is of the highest caliber. I’ll undoubtedly use her again. *

  • You can be somewhat vague and still give a good review if you only have one minute (or don’t want to talk about the product for various reasons):

Excellent professionalism and communication and WOW is all I can say about the finished product! By the way, I am a dependable client! for a reason (repeat customers are what attract attention) and added a surprise that was not disclosed. I am ecstatic about the outcome. Strongly Recommended! Looking ahead, we are excited about upcoming transactions.

  • You are not required to submit a written review each time. Just the fact that you are a dependable customer says a lot. It’s acceptable to occasionally have a 5-star, “outstanding experience.

Feel free to post if you have advice on what drew you to a particular seller, whether you are a novice or an experienced buyer. Please share your positive experiences if you’ve had any with novice sellers. What did you do for them to repay the favor, and what did he or she do to make it so? (I advise against posting user names; instead, keep it general.)

By the way, please limit the discussion in this thread to “positive” experiences and advice for new buyers. There is a “Ranting Pot” section with hundreds of threads where buyers and sellers go to vent their frustrations if they need to.

Provide useful, constructive feedback

An excellent review provides enough specifics for readers to get a sense of what transpired. Describe the elements that made your experiences good, bad, or indifferent. You might also provide your thoughts on the company’s strengths and areas for improvement. But keep things friendly and courteous!

Talk about a range of elements, including customer service

Increase the relevance of your review by addressing your overall experience, including the level of customer service you received. Tell people how helpful the company was! Focusing on only one element, such as product quality or delivery options, provides limited insight to readers.

 Be detailed, specific, and honest

There’s no rule against only writing a handful of words in a review, but the more specific you can be, the more likely the review is to be useful. We suggest writing from your own individual perspective, keeping it honest, and sticking to the facts. Help readers stand in your shoes.

Leave out links and personal information

Reviews on Trustpilot shouldn’t contain information that identifies people, such as names, phone numbers, or addresses. We also don’t allow reviewers to use their reviews to promote other companies.

Proofread your review

It’s a good idea to check that your review is readable, makes sense, and has no typos before posting, but a surprising number of reviews contain errors. So remember to quickly run your eye over your text before hitting “submit”!


Q: How should a 5-star review be written?
Few suggestions for crafting stellar client testimonials
Give insightful, constructive criticism.

  1. Talk about a variety of topics, such as customer service.
    2. Be thorough, precise, and sincere.
    3. Links and personal information should be omitted.
    4. Keep everything polite and cordial.
    5. If necessary, feel free to amend your review.

Q: What is a favorable review?
A consumer or client who is pleased with your business, product, or service will leave a good review. Reviews can help you uncover the things that your business is doing well as well as potential areas for development to improve the client experience or maintain high standards for your products.

Q: What makes a stellar 5-star review?
This is the ideal average star rating for purchase probability because, according to research from Northwestern, evaluations with an average rating of 4.2 to 4.5 stars out of 5 are most likely to impact purchases. The survey claims that “consumers see ratings closer to a flawless 5 stars as too good to be true.”

Q: How do I give Google a five-star review?
To access the reviews area, either select the reviews tab or scroll down. Select the number of stars you want to give the company under “Rate & review.” Five stars are excellent; one star is bad.

Q: How are 5-star reviews posted?
Enter your Google account information and look up the company you want to review. Find the “Write a Review” section by looking for it next to the star rating in the search results or under the business’ name in the sidebar of Google search.

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