Top Low Competition Gigs on Fiverr 2023

Top Low Competition Gigs on Fiverr 2023

Are you looking for some of the top, high-demand, low-competition gigs on Fiverr? I have the perfect solution, then.

It might be lucrative to sell services on Fiverr. The network is used by hundreds of freelancers to earn money, so picking the proper gig to offer is crucial if you want to stand out and generate sales!

This practical guide will show you:

  • The top Fiverr jobs with little opposition and lots of demand
  • Imaginative ways to earn money on Fiverr in 2023
  • How to find work on Fiverr with less competition in 5 simple stages

AI solutions:

Did you know that Fiverr now allows you to sell AI services?

As an example, consider ChatGPT operator, AI content editing, fact-checking, art creation on Midjourney or DALL.E, AI chatbot development, or even AI video production.

Because AI services are still in their infancy, there is still plenty of room for profit.

Learn about specific AI technology in advance if you intend to offer an AI gig. If you have experience in this field, you can demonstrate your abilities to potential clients.

From $5 for content editing to several hundred dollars for creating an AI tool, Fiverr offers a variety of AI services.

Vogue Stylist:

At the time of writing this post, there are only 231 gigs in personal fashion styling. This can be the ideal profession for you if you enjoy wearing clothes and keeping up with the latest trends.

Virtual makeovers or the creation of mood boards for customers are examples of fashion styling. This could involve choosing clothing for them to buy from websites, identifying the best ensembles for their body type, or offering expert advice on clothing they currently own.

Videos on Social Media:

Offering material for social media could be the best way to get money if you have the skills to produce and edit films. These kinds of movies are necessary for social media ads, brand awareness campaigns, and product promotion for many firms and entrepreneurs.

These videos are typically brief and call for creativity, especially since you have to grab the viewer’s attention right away.

Consider providing social media video content if you have experience producing or editing videos.

Merchandise Descriptions: Low Competition Gigs on Fiverr

Product descriptions are the best bet for content writing jobs with little competition.

Since many proprietors of e-commerce stores find it difficult to create compelling content on their own, this job is in high demand.

Creating interesting wording for a product’s description is essential if you want to persuade readers to buy it. Usually, you’ll give a product’s fundamental facts while using persuasion to convey a sense of urgency.

This can be the ideal job to offer if you’re good at telling stories or can produce compelling language that appeals to the appropriate target demographic.

Excel Spreadsheets and Templates Made to Order

Setting a purpose for a bespoke Excel spreadsheet is necessary. For instance, you could produce and market a spreadsheet for keeping track of sales or other financial indicators. The next step is to determine which data has to be tracked by speaking with the seller.

If you are aware of their requirements, you can make formulas, bar charts, and graphs and format them to emphasize important data.

If you have extensive Excel skills, you might charge upwards of $100 for each unique worksheet. This means that to make $1,000 each month, you just need ten orders.

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The WordPress platform is used by almost 810 million websites, therefore this job might be quite successful. If you have experience with WordPress programming, you can create unique websites on Fiverr for hundreds of dollars.

The WordPress design has been listed for over $1,000 a gig, thus this service has the potential to replace your 9–5 income.

To stand out from the competition and land this position, I advise picking a specialized niche, such as creating websites for sales, coaches, or e-commerce companies.

2D or 3D Animation: Low Competition Gigs on Fiverr

Character animation, explainer films, motion graphics, and whiteboard animation may be the ideal jobs for you if you have experience in animation.

These services are frequently in high demand and quite lucrative. Simply take a peek at the volume of orders these top-rated sellers have:

Storyboards One of the finest gigs on Fiverr with little competition is creating storyboards. This service entails creating sketches or paintings of scenes that aid in laying out the plot of a movie, cartoon, or video.

Completed storyboards are used by directors and producers to hone their filmmaking process. For beginners, this gig starts at roughly $10. If you have experience creating quality storyboards, you can charge between $100 and $200 for each gig.

Developing Scripts: Low Competition Gigs on Fiverr

Creating written material for services with less competition on the Fiverr site is referred to as developing scripts for low-competitiveness gigs. Businesses and individuals can discover a variety of services on Fiverr, a freelance marketplace, including writing, graphic design, programming, and video creation, among others. But some services face greater competition than others, making it challenging for new freelancers to find work and make a respectable living.

It can be an excellent technique for new freelancers to grow their portfolio, get experience, and establish a reputation on the site by creating scripts for low-competition projects. Writing product descriptions, making social media posts, or generating explainer video scripts are a few examples of gigs with little competition. Freelancers can increase their chances of being hired and developing a reliable clientele by concentrating on assignments with less competition.

Understanding the demands and criteria of the client is crucial while creating scripts for low-competition engagements on Fiverr. To create scripts that satisfy the client’s requirements and are interesting for the target audience, freelancers should do extensive research and utilize the client’s brief as a guide. Furthermore, independent contractors should make sure that their scripts are well-written, free of mistakes, and delivered on schedule.

It can be advantageous for novice freelancers to get experience and establish a reputation on Fiverr by creating scripts for low-competition projects. Freelancers can build a devoted clientele and expand their business over time by concentrating on offering high-quality services and providing exceptional customer service.

Anyone with writing or creative ability might enjoy working on screenplays. Scriptwriting for social media, YouTube, short films, radio advertising, and short videos may be part of this type of service.

You can charge more for authoring scripts as you gain more experience. Leading Fiverr scriptwriters charge

Individualized Exercise and Diet Program:

Assessing your clients’ health objectives, assisting them in choosing a healthy diet, and developing a specific exercise or nutrition plan will help them achieve their objectives.

To aid your clients in their development, you might also provide brief fitness videos and do video consultations.

There is still an opportunity to make money because the fitness and nutrition sector on Fiverr is still relatively young. It’s ideal to specialize in a single fitness discipline, such as yoga, pilates, bodybuilding, weight loss, etc. This will enable you to draw in more customers.

SEO Keyword Analysis:

The crucial duty of SEO keyword research aids in the visibility of websites in internet search results. This job is simple to offer if you are familiar with SEO or keyword research tools.

You may, for instance, focus on e-commerce companies and assist them in selecting the ideal keywords for their product pages. As an alternative, you might help bloggers find relevant keywords.

The starting price for this gig is $10, but the top sellers on Fiverr charge $100 or more.

KDP Cover Images: Low Competition Gigs on Fiverr

A KDP book covers gig means developing covers for customers selling books on the Amazon KDP platform.

Since Amazon KDP has gained popularity in recent years, this job is unquestionably in demand. I employed a seller in this category because creating book covers can be challenging if you don’t know how.

You can easily offer this service if you have strong graphic design abilities. To increase sales, think about customizing your gigs to different categories of books.

You might provide designs for notebooks, modern books, coloring books, puzzle books, etc.


For self-published authors seeking for a reasonably priced and excellent KDP cover image, Fiverr is a fantastic choice. These techniques will help you locate a gifted graphic designer who can make your book’s cover stand out from the competition and draw in readers.

What should I budget if I want to purchase a KDP cover image on Fiverr?
Many Fiverr designers offer their services for $50 to $100, though prices vary depending on the designer and the complexity of the project.

What file type should I ask for when I submit my KDP cover image?
A JPEG or TIFF file with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI is required by KDP. Make sure to get your designer’s approval of these specifications.

Can I ask for changes to my KDP cover photo?
The majority of designers on Fiverr include revisions in their services. Before hiring your designer, be sure to make this clear to them.

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