Upwork vs Fiverr in 2023

No matter where you are on the globe, using work marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr is a terrific method to uncover high-quality freelancers and freelancing jobs. These online communities connect people with a wide range of skill sets with paying customers. No longer is geography a barrier to accessing high-caliber employment and specialists.

The ideal job market for you will rely on a number of things, such as your project requirements, financial constraints, and preferred types of work. When deciding between Upwork and Fiverr, it’s critical to understand:

  • How is Upwork structured?
  • How does Fiverr function?
  • using a freelancer: comparing Upwork and Fiverr
  • Comparing Upwork vs Fiverr to find freelance employment

How do Upwork and Fiverr work?


Most of the services on Fiverr require that you work on a custom job for you to get paid. In other words, the client sends you …

The Upwork platform lets you work as a customer, a freelancer, or both.

Clients post job openings in the Project CatalogTM, recruit independent contractors to do the work and establish job advertisements in Talent MarketplaceTM.

On Upwork, independent contractors offer one of the more than 90 services that are offered, such as graphic design or copywriting. They can use Connect to submit bids for independent contractor jobs that clients have posted. In Project Catalog, freelancers can also sell one-off services like logo design.

Finding the ideal match makes reaching an agreement as easy as clicking a button. Inside Upwork, you’ll find everything you need to handle project management, sourcing, hiring, billing, and payment. This comprises:

  • Fixed-price or hourly billing
  • project checkpoints
  • Freelancer outlines and examples of work
  • Reviews and references
  • TM for Virtual Talent Bench
  • SMS messaging
  • voice calls
  • video calls with Zoom
  • arranging meetings using Calendly
  • Contracts and proposals
  • tracking of time
  • Automated billing
  • Escrowed funds
  • Protection of payments Working with teammates
  • assistance from experts recruiters with Talent ScoutTM

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Types of clients

Profile badges and seller levels

How to apply for jobs


Payout methods (vary by country)
UpworkSolopreneurs through large enterprises145,000 Upwork clients spend at least $5,000 per year
Rising TalentTop RatedTop Rated PlusExpert-Vetted TalentJob Success ScoreDiversity-certified skill certifications
Use Connects or respond to an invitation
Submit a proposal or review Project Catalog requestsDiscuss project details with clients enter into secure contractor hours worked or milestones reachedSubmit work for client approvalReceive payment
Direct deposit bank transfers Dollar wire transfer instant PayPayPalPayoneerM-PesaDirect deposit
FiverSolopreneurs through large enterprises average Fiverr client spends $205 per year
New SellerRising TalentLevel OneLevel TwoTop-Rated Seller
You cannot apply for jobs as a freelancer on Fiverr

Review buyer purchase or requestDiscuss details with buyersFinish work within the allotted time frame receive 

payment PayPalPayoneerFiverr Revenue Card

There are a few key differences to consider when choosing a platform, whether you sign up as a freelancer or a client:

You may have a very specific way you’d like to work on contracts or want the flexibility to try out different models of work. Make sure that the platform you choose fits your workflow.

Easy to use

Before beginning a project, the Upwork workflow makes sure that clients and freelancers are on the same page. Contracts cannot be initiated by clients without the freelancer’s consent. Additionally, clients and freelancers have 24 hours to cancel an order without incurring any fees when using Project Catalog. This function is useful in the following circumstances:

You decide to purchase a project but then decide you’d like to hire the freelancer on an hourly basis.

You unintentionally invest in the incorrect project

When you consider a client request, you see that you aren’t the best choice for their requirements.

You neglected to deactivate your Project Catalog listings because you were too busy and couldn’t handle any more work.

It’s not quite as simple to update things on Fiverr. the path a gig will take after being purchased. Even if the buyer cancels the gig, the seller’s rating may be affected by all cancellations.

On Upwork, it’s also very simple to find the ideal kind of freelance job or freelancer because there are built-in filtering tools that let you sort by things like

For freelancers looking for employment:

Level of experience Fixed-price or hourly billing

Budget of the client

Total bids received

Customer payment confirmation

Hired by the client’s history

Project duration Project hours per week Clients from the United States or abroad


On Fiverr, sellers cannot browse posted job listings. Buyers may browse and filter sellers by

  • Service options
  • Seller Level
  • Languages
  • Location
  • Budget
  • Delivery time
  • Sellers that are actively online

Types of jobs

Customers can enter into highly customizable contracts with freelancers on Upwork. Working on pre-established project catalogue offerings with clients is another option available to freelancers. Therefore, the platform is compatible with:

  • one-time tasks
  • continuous freelance agreements
  • Hourly projects and discrete projects with milestones
  • Freelancers on Upwork also have complete control over their fees, with options for both hourly invoicing and flat rates
  • Freelancers and clients are limited to flat-rate assignments on Fiverr. Whether you use Fiverr Business or the marketplace, this is the situation.


It’s crucial that everyone is at ease with the arrangement before entering into any job contract. This may include taking into account both individual preferences and legal requirements.

Upwork is very concerned about security. Upwork offers safe contracts and payment security in addition to

  • using multi-factor authentication to maintain the security of all user accounts
  • Offers session timeouts and enterprise single sign-on (SSO)
  • data encryption
  • checks messages and attachments for malware or viruses
  • checks freelancer identities and payment methods from clients
  • Is secure payment processing PCI DSS Level 2 compliant?
  • respects the CCPA and GDPR rules have a strong anti-money-laundering program in place

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