10 Vlog Ideas To Grow Your Youtube Channel in 2022

Are you stuck on what to do next for your vlog ideas to make your video efforts pay off? Do you want some tips for your upcoming vlog to keep your audience engaged and entertained? Great! You are on the right video.

 The number of people who watch vlogs has been going up over time. The trend gives creators a unique chance to tell stories in more creative and personal ways, and it also gives viewers a chance to live vicariously through their favorite vloggers.

A vlog without vlog ideas is like tea without sugar. Finding a good idea for your vlog before you start telling your story is a great way to hook your viewers. But it’s hard to choose a theme if you don’t have any ideas.

Here are some vlog ideas for you in this article, so keep reading till the end.

My First Vlog Or Daily Life Vlog: Vlog Ideas

The first step in a vlog is to give an introduction. Most people start their vlogs by talking about themselves so that if someone is watching for the first time, they know who they are.

You can make your first vlog like “My first vlog,” in which you can capture what you are doing the whole day, try new clothing, and go to a newly opened restaurant. These attempts can bring brand-new experiences to your audiences. Make your daily with vlog ideas a bit more special by traveling to different places. Make your vlog ideas come true by starting your shooting today!

Eating Show Vlog

Most vlogs are about the vlogger going to a well-known restaurant or a place where their followers recommend the food. It is the most common and fun thing to talk about on a vlog, and people never seem to stop watching.


Review doesn’t just have to be about the latest hot celebrity and rumors about their life. A person can choose from a wide range of review topics. Like, reviews of a cell phone company, video game, etc.

 What’s In My Bag

If someone is a first-time vlogger, they usually give an introduction and answer the most-asked questions in the vlog, like “my first vlog.” But if they want to try something new, “What’s in my bag?” has become a popular question, and it is also eye-catching and fun to watch.

Music Vlog

Music vlogs are rare, so they are more interesting to watch. Not many people know much about rhythm or musical instruments, which is why these kinds of vlogs are more valuable than others.

Opinion Vlog

First of all, opinion vlogs are also a good idea. A person can talk about ongoing problems, like Palestine, and give their opinion. This can help spread awareness. By doing this, they might be able to help in some way.

Tech Vlog

Tech vlogs are crucial and necessary in the modern era, where numerous technological devices exist, and people cannot utilize them properly. For example, if someone gets a new iPhone but doesn’t know how to use it right because they’ve only ever used Androids, these vlogs might help them.

Traveling Vlog

The best option is to watch vlogs of people traveling. The vloggers are also going through the same joyful sentiments that the viewers are, making it such that they and the vloggers have mutual feelings. The viewers can have fun watching new places being found and experiencing new areas.

Motivational Vlog

There is no shortage of inspiring videos on the internet, but motivational vlogs are far superior. This is because the person giving such profound guidance is truly concerned; it’s possible that they have been in a similar situation and don’t want others to have to go through it.


It’s always exciting to see what’s inside a new box. Unboxing videos offer viewers two distinct advantages. One advantage is that you can record yourself while unwrapping the products you have ordered to prove if anything is broken. The second benefit is that you are free to discuss any topic while opening the package.

Always remember that actions speak louder than words! Do not be afraid to put your video ideas into action by following the vlog ideas in the video.

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